PK0-003 Comptia Project + (2009)

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Exam Code: PK0-003
Exam Name: Comptia Project+ (2009)


QUESTION 1 There is a minor conflict between several members on a project team; the issue has no significant impact on the project. Which of the following would be the BEST conflict resolution technique for the project manager to employ?

A. Avoiding
B. Forcing
C. Compromising
D. Confronting

Correct Answer: A


QUESTION 2 A customer has requested an increase in the scope of a current project, but the project schedule remains the same. Which of the following is MOST likely impacted? (Select TWO).

A.Project quality B.Project cost C.Project baseline D.Project milestones E.Deployment plan


QUESTION 3 A task on the critical path has been delayed. The project manager calls a project team meeting, including the project sponsor, and begins analyzing cost and schedule trade-offs in order to compress the schedule and get the project on-track. This activity is an example of:

B.roles and responsibilities matrix.
D.decision tree analysis.

Correct Answer: A


QUESTION 4 Two consultants on a project disagree about the most appropriate solution to an issue identified during the executing phase. The project manager intervenes and mandates that they resolve their differences and present a solution to the project team before the end of the day. This type of conflict resolution is called:


Correct Answer: B


QUESTION 5 During the kick-off meeting which of the following is done?

A.The project sponsor is able to ask for additional funding from senior management.
B.The project manager is able to discuss the project timeline and milestones.
C.The project owner is able to determine the resources needed to complete the project.
D.The stakeholders are able to discuss their concerns about the project.

Correct Answer: B



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