Microsoft 70-483 Programming in C#

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Exam Code: 70-483
Exam Name: Programming in C#


Programming in C#


QUESTION 1 You are developing a method named CreateCounters that will create performance counters for an application.

The method includes the following code. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)

Microsoft 70-483 Programming in C

You need to ensure that Counter1 is available for use in Windows Performance Monitor (PerfMon).


A. CounterType = PerformanccCounterType.RawBase
B. CounterType = PerformanceCounterType.AverageBase
C. CounterType = PerformanceCounterType.SampleBase
D.CounterType = PerformanceCounterType.CounterMultiBase

Correct Answer: C


Explanation/Reference: Explanation: PerformanceCounterType.SampleBase – A base counter that stores the number of sampling interrupts taken and is used as a denominator in the sampling fraction. The sampling fraction is the number of samples that were 1 (or true) for a sample interrupt. Check that this value is greater than zero before using it as the denominator in a calculation of SampleFraction.

PerformanceCounterType.SampleFraction – A percentage counter that shows the average ratio of hits to all operations during the last two sample intervals. Formula: ((N 1 – N 0) / (D 1 – D 0)) x 100, where the numerator represents the number of successful operations during the last sample interval, and the denominator represents the change in the number of all operations (of the type measured) completed during the sample interval, using counters of type SampleBase. Counters of this type include Cache\Pin Read Hits %.


QUESTION 2 You are developing an application that will transmit large amounts of data between a client computer and a server.

You need to ensure the validity of the data by using a cryptographic hashing algorithm.

Which algorithm should you use?


Correct Answer: A


QUESTION 3 You are developing an assembly that will be used by multiple applications. You need to install the assembly in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). Which two actions can you perform to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A.Use the Assembly Registration tool (regasm.exe) to register the assembly and to copy the assembly to the GAC. B.Use the Strong Name tool (sn.exe) to copy the assembly into the GAC.
C.Use Microsoft Register Server (regsvr32.exe) to add the assembly to the GAC.
D.Use the Global Assembly Cache tool (gacutil.exe) to add the assembly to the GAC. E.Use Windows Installer 2.0 to add the assembly to the GAC.

Correct Answer: DE



Explanation/Reference: Explanation: There are two ways to deploy an assembly into the global assembly cache: Use an installer designed to work with the global assembly cache. This is the preferred option for installingassemblies into the global assembly cache.

Use a developer tool called the Global Assembly Cache tool (Gacutil.exe), provided by the Windows

Software Development Kit (SDK). Note: In deployment scenarios, use Windows Installer 2.0 to install assemblies into the global assembly cache. Usethe Global Assembly Cache tool only in development scenarios, because it does not provide assemblyreference counting and other features provided when using the Windows Installer.


QUESTION 4 You are developing an application by using C#. You provide a public key to the development team during development.

You need to specify that the assembly is not fully signed when it is built.

Which two assembly attributes should you include in the source code? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A. AssemblyKeyNameAttribute
B. ObfuscateAssemblyAttribute
C. AssemblyDelaySignAttribute
D. AssemblyKeyFileAttribute

Correct Answer: CD


QUESTION 5 You are creating a console application by using C#.

You need to access the assembly found in the file named car.dll.

Which code segment should you use?

A. Assembly.Load();

Correct Answer: D


Programming in C#

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